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Preliminary results from case study collection in the working group

January 10, 2011

In a preliminary study which resulted in a poster at the World Water Week in Stockholm Sep 2010 we synthesised the information from the SuSanA wg 8 case study collection, which consists of 17 case studies worldwide. There, alternative (more resilient) and in many aspects more sustainable sanitation solutions have been used in emergency and reconstruction situations.

In all cases the aim has been to cope with challenging environments, such as flood-prone areas. Cases are both from the immediate phase (3 cases in immediate phase, +1 case within a year of the disaster) and the reconstruction phase. They reveal examples of innovative solutions, which contribute to overcoming challenges in both immediate and reconstruction situations.

The findings makes us recommend to:

1) Upscale alternative solutions in challenging environments, also in the immediate emergency.

Resource conservation can be applied later, if accepted by the users.

2) Support agencies with the necessary expertise.

3) Introduce the concept of a resilient sanitation service chain, to emphasise that its solutions are primarily aimed at coping and adapting to local conditions and challenges, e.g.
floods (and building resilience). These solutions also contribute to sustainability.

The poster is available at:

We will now follow up on this study and publish the case studies after due Quality control on the susana website


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