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Bridging emergency and development sanitation at University College London

August 21, 2011

We are an interdisciplinary team of students at University College London currently undertaking a summer research project regarding sanitation in both disaster relief and development scenarios, in conjunction with UCL Healthy Infrastructure Research Centre and Engineers Without Borders (UCL Union). The project is supervised by Dr. Ka-Man Lai, UCL HIRC. Our work this summer is the initial phase of a project which will span for 5 years, aimed eventually at the development of a sanitation technology system which can ‘bridge the gap’ between sanitation in disaster relief and in development. The team is comprised of three sub-groups which will approach our overall research aim from engineering, socio-economic and laboratory standpoints. As part of our initial desk study and background research we are hosting an online forum which will allow the team to interact with experts and professionals working in the sector, which we would like to invite you to join. We invite anyone who would like to become involved in our research, this summer, and in the longer-term future. Please contact the team via email; or contact our Project Manager, Claudia Ramirez via email; Alternatively, if you know of a colleague or friend who also has extensive experience in a field relevant to our research, then please forward them this information or again, contact us via the email above.


This is a copy of the newsletter text of the department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering at UCL found here.

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