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Emergency Sanitation Workshop

April 19, 2012
First Announcement & Call for Registration
Delft 13 -15 June 2012 (at UNESCO-IHE)
13th June elevated toilets
14th June De-sludging equipment,
15th June Sludge disposal and treatment facilities
In many emergency situations access to adequate sanitation is one of the strongest determinants of survival. At times, especially in difficult contexts such as urban disasters or flooding, humanitarian actors lack sufficient capacity to ensure affected people have access to adequate sanitation. Unlike increased availability of emergency water supply options, only few alternatives for the pit latrine have been developed over the last thirty years.
A Consortium of organisations consisting of the Netherlands Red Cross Society (NLRC), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Oxfam GB, and WASTE Netherlands together with ALDUS building innovation is organizing a three day workshop to discuss Elevated toilets (kits), Desludging equipment, and Sludge disposal and treatment facilities.
The workshop aims to bring national and internationally known suppliers and manufacturers, knowledge centers, and humanitarian organisations together to discuss these three sanitation option. The workshop will connect humanitarian organisations and suppliers/ manufacturers by identifying and expressing specific needs and determining demand, and allow knowledge institutes to assist in their research agenda and the development of relevant products.
The workshop is part of a project funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign, aiming to develop functional and technical specifications that will allow design and development of selected (post-) emergency sanitation kits on three key sanitation elements: 1) Elevated toilets (kits), 2) Desludgingequipment, 3) Sludge disposal and treatment facilities.
The workshop will allow limited time for presentations or papers dealing with innovations and experiences related to the three options during the day scheduled for the specific options. A call is now open for Expressions of interest and a short abstract can be submitted to before 15th May 2012.
Those interested to attend the workshop or parts of the workshop of most relevance to you will need to register before 15th May 2012 with Jan Heeger at
Registration should include the following:
  •  Your name and contact details
  •  The name of the organisation you will present, or a brief description of your personal motivation to attend (part of) the workshop
  • Specific days you like to participate (Participants are encouraged to apply for the subjects/days of their interest and experience only):
13th June elevated toilets
14th June De-sludging equipment,
15th June Sludge disposal and treatment facilities
There are no registration fees for the workshop. As there are limited places available it is advised to register early.
Transport-, subsistence and accommodation costs required for attending the workshop will need to be carried by the participant.
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